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Welcome to Mildura Laser Cutting

Precision metal profile cutting for large industrial and manufacturing projects, up to 25mm mild steel and 20mm aluminum and stainless steel

Bending, Tapping & Drilling service is also available to simplify the supply chain

Enquire now for your next project tender to get efficient and cost effective solutions for Australian manufacturing and construction!

Our Services Include

Cutting, Bending, Drilling & Tapping

 Project & Product Design Assistance - we can create the missing piece of the puzzle for your next project

Call our office to arrange a quote for commercial and industrial componentry including machinery parts and repairs - dxf and dwg files are ideal for fast estimates.

We carry a large range of materials in all thicknesses - enquire now.

Precision Fibre Laser Cutting,  Bending, Robotic Welding & Processing
Excellent Customer Service
Reliable, Family Owned & Operated Cost Effective

Below are example products go to our Gallery page for more laser cutting inspiration!

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