Metal Components for Industry

Mildura Laser Cutting Services offers various industries precision cutting services for the following materials:

  • Mild Steel to 20mm

  • Stainless to 6mm

  • Aluminium to 6mm

  • Galvanised

  • Treadplate

  • Wood (Restrictions Apply - call our office directly)

  • Plastics (Restrictions Apply - call our office directly)

For cost effective cutting, product files should be provided in either .dxf or .dwg format otherwise an artwork fee will apply.

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Creative Design & Autocad Services 

Mildura Laser Cutting can provide drafting services for unique projects.  Hourly charges apply and turnaround time for custom work is dependant on work schedules for material types.  Call our office for information on how we can bring your concept to life.

*We don't offer services for signage frames or installation and this must be separately sourced for your project.  

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What is the difference between Laser and Plasma?
  • Cutting quality - clean edges, precision accuracy

  • Improved cutting speed - improves cost effectiveness for large part runs

  • Minimal oxydisation to surface of material - reducing preparation of components prior to welding

  • Parts can be surface etched in the same process - great for quick identification of components.

  • Multiple material types can be cut including wood and plastics (Note glues in wood and some plastics may be unsuitable for laser cutting).