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Metal Product Design and Manufacturing

Ok so Mildura is a little way out of the big smoke (s) Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney and if you're thinking we're too far out there in the never never to do your laser cutting and processing - think again!

We are at a crossroad between three states and we have a fantastic truck service as well as trains planes and automobiles - so distance is not ours or your biggest concern. However quality, price and turnaround should be if you're going to be successful and competitive.

Although its nearly impossible to get all of the three in any business (as the saying goes), Mildura Laser Cutting goes damn close, basically because we care - its a country thing.....

It can be a great benefit however to companies who just aren't feeling the love from their current suppliers or maybe you're just not sure if you're getting the best deal? We are city pricing competitive and city service equipped.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, going the extra mile and making sure we're working with you to achieve your goals of success. We are country people, a family owned and operated farm and business who takes great pride in being innovative, and if you don't know our story then visit our Trigg Industries website for a little more about us and our background.

Our team are very capable of assisting with product design and efficient production methods, providing advice where needed to ensure you can manufacture within competitive markets, even globally if that is what you're looking to do.

Our cutting, folding and even robotic welding services mean we can provide product to you in a more advanced stage for medium to large production runs, ideal for companies who want to minimise their component handling between suppliers.

So, if you've got that great laser cut concept or ready to go product design zapping away on the cutting table of your mind - then give us a call or email us for more information at Mildura Laser Cutting - in Mildura (yes we know how far it is - but we love it :)


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