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Supporting Australian manufacturing is supporting your kids future!

Here at Mildura Laser Cutting we love to be able to bring in students and teachers to bring them up to speed with our local industry capabilities as well as sowing the seed for new ideas that could be the next BIG thing!

We've had many GAP year students work with us, not for just the 12 months but often staying on as part of their casual employment between study commitments and its great to see their skills and careers develope and know we have played a key role in this - even if they don't come back to us!

To be able to support our kids we need to be thinking about where we buy product from and how best to support our future and by buying local, regional or at least Australian this is making a real difference!

Yes times can get tough with all things going up in price, whether it be due to covid or the global and domestic economy but we're only going to be much worse off if we send our money overseas before we've even at least asked the question - "How much can you do this for?"

If its not viable and economical then fine we can accept that - but I wonder just how much is going overseas without the question even being asked?

Precision cutting and excellent staff @MilduraLaserCutting
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